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Thursday, October 18, 2012

TEIID tutorial 8.1 - Part 4

In the previous steps we created a relational model from a MySQL DB, we imported an XSD and created an XML model document based on that XSD and mapped the relational tables to the XML document.

Now we need to create the VDB so that all this work can be used in applications.

The Virtual DB will be treated as a normal DB and we'll connect to it with SquirrelSQL and issue a query to get back the XML document.

The process require to create in our project a new element that is the VDB database, give a name in the form and do not choose the models in the form, we'll to it later.

Now we find in the VDB view and we need to choose which are the models we want to publish: we need to remember that in a VDB we need to include all the models an which the model we'll query depend on.

If we choose the model we want to use TEIID Designer will automatically import all dependent models.

Also have to remember that if we make modifications in the models after we included them in the VDB we have to come back in this view and mark the checkbox that will be unmarked by default (this is a reason of many troubles).

After having included the models we have to save the VDB and we are ready to deploy it in a TEIID server.

Since TEIID is a module of JBoss AS weìll need to install TEIID into a clean JBoss installation.

We'll explain how to prepare TEIID to be able to deploy our VDB.

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