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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TEIID tutorial

Managed to finish integrating TEIID with iReport.
Since it has been a bit of a trouble and there is little documentation around I've made a tutorial to help my memory and maybe helping others around.
Here is the link.
I've created a VDB merging an Oracle DB and a MySQL one (that contain data from excel ... long way to integrate data ...)
The version used are TEIID 6.1 snapshot and iReport 3.5.2 (Java is 1.6), the PC is a windows box, but the stuff works also in linux (had to use that one this time).
Warnings are:
* mind the classpath it has been a pain to check it right.
* look for connector troubles at the firts sign of malfunction (there are some threads in the TEIID forum about it); it should be OK with this version, but in case of trouble is the first thing I'll look upon.

I'm really happy since now that all is tested and working can create a more useful VDB and get a bunch of data integrated and have a new view on information.
A great thanks to TEIID people for the product and the help in solving problems, hopes the tutorial can give something back.

5 commenti:

mdahlman said...

This is a very cool demo! Thanks for taking the time to document TEIID and iReport working together. I may give it a try myself.

Dmitry Gusev said...

Great intro!
Thanks, Luca!

glasmaneh said...

this is an awesome demo. Very useful...!

I tried it myself and managed to get it all the way to Ireport 3.5. However, when I test my connection I get an exception
General problem: Error while locating instance
bound to org.teiid.dqp.internal.cache.DQPContextCache
for member at

I have teiid-6.2.0-M1 installed.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

Gioppo Luca said...

I'm not sure of the specific problem you could have but errors of this type happen when you are trying to access thigs that are not there or something is missing.
Check that the TEIID server has all the JDBC drivers installed to reach your DB (drivers are not deployed with the VDB).
I had some DQP errors when I mispelled the name of the table I was querying, also pay attention on visibility of tables: in my example I used a physical model, than a view that map the physical one without any changes and than the final view with the modification I needed.
This is done since you isolate the different views (it was a suggestion from Red Hat people), but since I did not change table names I gave visibility in the VDB just to the final view otherwise naming overlapping jump out and you need to use "view name"."table name" syntax.
Hopes this can help.

adf said...

General problem: Error while locating instance
bound to org.teiid.dqp.internal.cache.DQPContextCache
for member at

I have same error in teiid-6.2.0

In teiid-6.1.0-embedded are no such problems. So I'm working with a previous version