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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TEIID and SQuirreL SQL

Continuing in the integration path: since I'm confortable in using SQuirreL SQL for accessing DBs I've tryed also to access the VDB from TEIID and I can say that after iReport the road is much more easy (once you learn the trick, magic comes easy).
So ... if I manage I'll produce another tutorial, for now warnings are:
* use JDK 1.6.
* include the teiid-6.1 snapshot client in the driver lib of SQuirreL SQL and create a new driver (I named mine TEIID with a great creativity effort); than create a new alias using that Driver (use the same data from the iReport example); test the connection and all should run smoothly.
Access the DB browse the tables and the data.
Will investigate on more complex usage tomorrow.

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