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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Evolution of TEIID 8.1 tutorial

I've decided to expand this tutorial to add integration with other pieces of software I'm using in the Open-DAI project I'm working on.

Just to remember what I've already published in the tutorial right now:
1) Create a relational mapping
2) Create a XML document from an XSD schema
3) Map the relational DB to the XML document
4) Create the VDB

Planned coming next:
5) Install TEIID in JBoss AS
6) Deploy the VDB in TEIID server
7) Connect to the VDB with SquirrelSQL and get the XML document with a query
8) Create a web service that will publish the relational tables
9) Deploy the new VDB and the Web Service and test it with soapUI

The tutorial will follow these additional steps to demonstrate the integration of a data service generated with TEIID with other platforms:

10) Publish the TEIID web service with WSO2 API manager
11) test the published API with soapUI
12) publish the relational tables as REST service
13) Call the REST service using node.js
14) Call TEIID from node.js
15) How to update tables from a VDB

This will be the "coming next" for this tutorial, if you are interested in some more integrations or further explanation please leave a comment.

1 commenti:

Steven Hawkins said...

Thanks again. It's great to have you work through these scenarios and post your steps.