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Monday, July 04, 2011

Layar vs. Junaio

I'm trying Augmented Reality services and I really think that these are good stuff tools.
This is the new approach to web and content usage.
Two that I'm looking at are Layar and Junaio.
They almost do the same things, with some peculiar differences around.

Both have 3D object placement, but Layar offers better tools to do the job, with the java application offered you can place the object precisely on the map.
Junaio helps more on getting a precise GPS reading using LLA markers a feature much needed indoor.
Junaio also has a image tracker functionality that is incredible: you can process an image and using it as a placeholder to anchor to it content (video, audio, 3D) this goes well beyond simple GPS and opens up to many more use cases.
Unfortunately the amount of images usable is restricted to 7 (more if you are part of the certified developer program) mainly because (I believe) the tracking stuff can be a bit taxying on the device.
I believe that with the smart phone and tablet market rise these sort of applications will be the most used.

I think that both are good options: I think I'll use Layar for outdoor and Junaio for indoor.

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Excellent comment, which one is easer to learn from a beginner with not many programming skills?