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Monday, July 04, 2011

Junaio Tutorial - description

I'm working on Augmented Reality in these days and I'm trying a new channel using Junaio.

The goal is to create a couple of channels to help people inside my company to understand AR potential and demo it within the company walls.

Since Junaio has two way of working I used the second option:
  1. using GPS points and locations
  2. using image detection

I made few explorations and I think that a good way is to create the channel without the online tool: at least for the first time I prefer to control everithing, there are really good examples in the tutorials in Junaio site so ...

Goal: creating some "painting" to distribute around the company with content tied on: some 3D, a video, a changing image graph, audio.
My choice was to create a GLUE Channel, setting it to refresh 30 seconds (but it doesn't still work the way I like) and than linking to it some color images to create the "paintings" that will become the anchor for content.
In following post I'll describe how I've done.

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