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Friday, March 08, 2013

TEIID 8.1 tutorial - Part 10 - TEIID SOAP service + WSO2 + SoapUI

In this tutorial I'll be publishing the book SOAP web service using the API manager from WSO2.

To demonstrate that it works I'll be using as usual SoapUI

The API Manager is composed of two components the Publisher and the Store.

Obviously I need to start from the publisher and create the API: you ger the WSDL endpoint from the JBoss consolle in the webservices TAB.

The API start as CREATED so I need to set into PUBLISHED state.

The API is ready to be used, so is turn of the Store where is quite easy to subscribe to the API.
The main idea is that I'm a developer that uses some of the API published on the Store and I can have different applications that make use of the API and can register to use them with different "Tier" levels that means how much requests I can issue in a given time.

Now I can test the API

Open SoapUI and create a new project using the URL stated in the Store

On the API remember to append the SOAP method call so that it will be called correctly by the API gateway.

At first will be missing the Authorization HTTP Header that si the security to allow only registered developers to access the API; the key to use is the one from the subscription I did when I subscribed to the API.

With that key I can access and get the result, but if I try to make another request I'm warned that I've finished my allower request per second and have to wait.

This is indeed a powerful way to expose API managing billing options and access levels.

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