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Monday, December 10, 2012

ReteLIM project presentation - network problems

Here you can find the link to a presentation of mine of the ReteLIM project.
The main goal of the project is to enable hospitalized children to keep in contact with his classmates and teachers; I explained a bit in a previous post of mine.

The main big problem in Italy is the lack of good network connections in the schools AND in the hospitals.

Unfortunately hospitals are not build with a 2.0 conception. People often risk to spend lot of lifetime in an hospital and there should be the availability of a free guest network connection, isolated from the internal hospital network, so that citizen either sick or relatives can have a view of the world and a means to keep in touch with the outside.
This is place where free internet has an additional meaning.

Unfortunately in Italy we are much in late with the free internet access.

Maybe in the context of the "Agenda Digitale" there could be means to address also this problems:

- Bandwitdh for schools and hospitals
- Public cloud where PA (and schools obviously) can procure computing power for services

These are themes that have to be centrally solved.

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